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Facing Financial Issues? We Can Make A Same Day Offer For Your Home

Life can change overnight when financial issues suddenly appear out of seemingly nowhere. Many people experience sudden financial downturns that make them unable to keep making their mortgage payments.

SRS Cash Home Buyers can help you from being forced to declare bankruptcy or having your Worcester house foreclosed on, neither of which you want on your credit report. If you are sitting under a stack of unpaid bills and your mortgage is way past due, it’s time to find a solution before things get even worse!

We have helped homeowners experiencing every type of financial problem:

  • Unexpected medical emergency with inadequate insurance
  • Legal bills from a lawsuit or arrest that must be defended
  • Costly home repairs from long-standing deferred maintenance
  • Loss of income from being laid off from job
  • IRS threatening action for long-running unpaid taxes

The old adage, “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong” certainly applies to finances. If  any of the above issues aren’t resolved immediately, the result could be disastrous.

SRS Cash Home Buyers can help by giving you a fair all-cash offer on your house and since we can close within a week, you will have the cash you need to resolve the problem. Since we use our own money when buying houses there is no waiting around for loan approval. This is why we can close as quickly as necessary. You give us the timeline and we will accommodate you accordingly.

SRS Cash Home Buyers has purchased homes from many Worcester area people who have unexpectedly found themselves in dire straits financially. When medical bills start piling up, they have to take precedence when someone’s life is at stake. The loss of a job can cause severe financial distress, which can be relieved by quickly selling the house. If you can no longer keep up with your monthly obligations, you have a number of options. We are in the business of helping homeowners who decide that selling their Worcester house as soon as possible makes the most sense given their current situation.

Out of the blue, you may find yourself even facing foreclosure. Should that occur, your house could be immediately foreclosed on, which would ruin your credit. SRS Cash Home Buyers can offer you a realistic solution that would allow you to put these financial problems behind you. We will work with both you and your lender to keep your house from foreclosure and all the problems that could lead to.

Please give us a call at (774) 450-0086 to discuss all your options, which may even include having us cover your unpaid mortgage payments. SRS Cash Home Buyers helps Worcester homeowners in extreme financial distress or facing other emergencies, sell their homes quickly and easily.

This is 100% FREE as there are no costs to you in dealing with us. If you want an all-cash hassle-free sale of your Worcester, MA house, please contact SRS Cash Home Buyers.

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