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Considering Selling A House in Worcester or Central MA that You Inherited?

If you have inherited a home in Worcester that you do not want, selling it likely makes sense. You Have probably searched online for ways to “Sell My Inherited Home in Massachusetts”.

SRS Cash Home Buyers can help you quickly unload your house and can give you a same day offer in most cases. Please reach out to us by completing the form below or by phoning us at (774) 450-00864.

Is your inherited house currently in probate?

Dealing with the death of a family member is one of the most painful things one can go through in life. All of us at one time or another will face this and it’s never easy. Often times the pain is made even worse when we have to navigate the legal issues that arise when a family member dies. Looking for the will, having it read to all concerned, dealing with insurance providers, and creating a fair process for all heirs can be exhausting, but these things must be taken care of.

It’s not surprising that many families get overwhelmed when there is property involved, along with investments and other assets. This is especially true when everything has to go through probate because most people have little or no understanding of the process. But the affairs of the deceased must be all wound up and this may include selling your inherited Worcester house, which is currently in probate.

What is probate and are there ways to bypass it?

Probate is essentially a legal process enforced by the court to reconcile the financial and legal affairs of the deceased. Simply put, it is up to the court to distribute the estate of the diseased based on their will or the laws of the state where they resided. When it comes to real estate that the deceased owned, the process can be lengthy and quite costly. Realistically, it could take up to a year for the process to be concluded. During this time you will likely have attorney fees to pay as well as court costs. And in the end there’s always a chance that you won’t come out ahead financially. This would likely be the case if the court ruled that the property you inherited must be sold to pay off legal fees and court costs.

If you want to sell an inherited property, even if it’s now in probate, SRS Cash Home Buyers can make you a fair offer on the home, close the sale, and pay all cash within days of the probate process being completed.

Sell Your Inherited Property for All Cash Without Any Hassle

Here are the benefits you will enjoy if you decide on a direct sale of your inherited house in probate to SRS Cash Home Buyers: 

  • You won’t have to hire a Realtor and pay them a commission because you would be selling the house directly to us, and not listing it with them to find you a buyer.
  • You will avoid paying property taxes, upkeep, repair costs, and any liens.
  • You won’t have to make any repairs or upgrades since we will be buying the house as is.
  • We can close within seven days of probate being completed.
  • We will pay all cash upon closing.

Please reach out to SRS Cash Home Buyers if you would like to pursue an all-cash direct sale on the probate property you inherited. You can call us at (774) 450-0086 or fill out the contact form below and we will quickly get back to you.

If you want more information on how the probate process works and ways to bypass it, you can find it on our website. We provide plenty of information, so you can understand some of the most common issues that arise in probate, which are as follows:

Common Probate Issues

  • Resolving family disagreements
  • Who gets the deceased’s pets
  • What are the costs
  • Lack of privacy
  • Length of time it takes to complete probate

You can sell your inherited house to SRS Cash Home Buyers for all cash and close in seven days or when it’s most convenient for you. Please contact us for a consultation, market analysis, and a quote, all for free! You are under no obligation to accept our offer.

Ways to Bypass Probate

  • Setting up trusts ahead of time
  • Certain types of assets can bypass probate
  • Holding assets in joint ownership
  • Small estates with few assets
  • By hiring an attorney

SRS Cash Home Buyers will make you a very fair offer on your unwanted inherited house. Please contact us by completing the form below or by phoning us at (774) 450-0086.

This is 100% FREE as there are no costs to you in dealing with us. If you want an all-cash hassle-free sale of your Worcester, MA house, please contact SRS Cash Home Buyers.

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