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How to Sell Your House to an Investor in Worcester Massachusetts

There used to be a time when homeownership in the US was all about buying a home and building a life for you, your spouse, your kids, and even perhaps future generations right there in that same home. Well, things have changed. These days, most first-time buyers are looking for a home they hope to be able to sell when it’s time for a change or upgrade.

Worcester, despite recent market trends, remains a strong buyer’s market – leaving many homeowners with limited options for selling besides waiting for months or longer as they try to attract the eye of buyers. Waiting for so long doesn’t always fit with everyone’s plans. So it makes sense if you are looking for an alternative, like selling to an investor.

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Why People Sell their House in Worcester to an Investor

You may be wondering why so many homeowners in and around Worcester, Massachusetts are choosing to sell their homes to investors just like SRS Cash Home Buyers. The truth of the matter is pretty simple: home investors offer a reliable way to sell your house for a fair price without having to spend months on end dealing with the hassle of trying to get top dollar by listing it with a real estate agent.

If you are in a situation where selling quickly matters more than getting top dollar, or in a situation where the house you own is in less than ideal condition (perhaps you inherited it or it was damaged in some way), selling the house as-is to a home investor can make the most sense.

How Selling to a Home Investor like SRS Cash Home Buyers Works

One of the biggest advantages to selling to an investor vs. selling with a real estate agent is that you can typically close on the deal in about a week and even set your own closing date in advance. Compare this to waiting 6 – 9 months without any guarantee an offer will come in, and you can see why many homeowners in Worcester find selling to an investor makes more sense for them than selling for top dollar on the market.

The process is very simple. First, you provide some basic details about the property to the investor. Next, they’ll inspect the home to determine a fair value. This value will take into account any repairs or other costs needed. This inspection process typically takes an investor 1-2 days. Once it is complete, the investor will make you an offer based on their inspection. At this point, you are free to take the offer or walk away. It’s that simple.

How Long Does it Usually Take to Sell My House in Worcester to a Real Estate Investor?

The process will depend on the investor, but it’s always a matter of days vs. a matter of months/years the way selling on the local market can be. With most investors in the Worcester area, you can expect to be able to close in about a week or a little longer. Beyond that, many will offer you the ability to set your own closing date to make the sale as hassle-free as imaginable.

Compare this to working with a realtor. A realtor will not buy your home, rather they are trying to find a buyer. This means a few things. First, it means you have no guarantee on when you’ll sell your home or if you’ll sell it. Second, it also means that the realtor is going to take part of the money you earn on the sale as payment for doing the work to find the buyer.

You can avoid both the delays and the fees when you sell your Worcester Home to a real estate investor like SRS Cash Home Buyers.

The Unseen Costs of Taking a Long Time to Sell your Worcester House

One thing many people don’t understand is that owning a property costs money. This means the longer the property is owned – even if you are actively trying to sell it, the more it is costing you. These costs can be directly deducted from any eventual sale you make.

Selling at a slightly lower price to a real estate investment firm like SRS Cash Home Buyers as a way to avoid months upon months of upfront costs makes a lot of sense to many homeowners. What’s more, you’ll avoid any closing fees, commission for the real estate agent, or having to pay for any repairs.

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